Site Terms of Use and Agreement

Terms of Use and Agreement
This document is published by Medyax Bilişim Hizmetleri Co. Ltd. , hereinafter referred to as "Company", applies to the use of QR code software and related services operated by. These terms and conditions constitute a legal agreement between the Company and users.

Use of Services
The company provides users with QR code software and related services. Use of these services is subject to the following terms. Users will use the Company's services only for lawful purposes. Abuse of the services or engaging in illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Users must not post or share any immoral or illegal content when using the Company's services.

Account Creation and Security
Users must create an account to take full advantage of the services. When creating an account, users must provide accurate, current and complete information. Users are responsible for keeping their account access information secure. Any liability arising from unauthorized access or use of their account lies with the user.

The company is committed to keeping users' personal data confidential. Personal data is processed and protected in accordance with the Company's privacy policy. Users are responsible for the confidentiality of content created using the services. The Company does not guarantee the confidentiality of user-generated content.

Property Rights
The Company owns the software, content, design and all other materials provided on the services. Users must respect the Company's intellectual property rights when using the services.
Users will not copy, modify, distribute or sell the content offered on the services.

Changes and Termination
The Company reserves the right to make changes to or discontinue the services at any time. Users can stop using the services at any time. Users who wish to delete their accounts should contact the Company.

The Company does not warrant that the services will be uninterrupted or error-free. Users accept responsibility for any problems arising from the use of the services. The company is not responsible for any damages arising from users' use of the services.

Legal Compliance
Users agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations when using the services. The Company reserves the right to submit user data to the relevant authorities in case of a competent court order or legal request.

Changes and Updates
These terms of use and agreement may be updated or changed as necessary. In case of any updates, the changes will be published and made effective on the website or application.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback regarding these terms of use and agreement. This agreement establishes certain legal and operating conditions with users regarding the use of the Company's services.

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